How do I increase my Google reviews?

How do I increase my Google reviews?

Become a better customer


A lot of business owners don’t realize it, but one of their biggest weaknesses is actually being a good consumer. As such, they aren’t always aware of all of the things that they can be doing to improve their experience with what you sell.

As a seller, you are already in this situation. You are trying to get your products or services recognized by other people who may or may not be totally biased towards you.

By acting like an awesome customer yourself, you will naturally gain some positive reviews for your business. Here are some ways to do just that!

Review sellers on review sites

This is probably the most common way to increase google reviews. By having a look around at various online stores, you will find that there are often comments about how great the service was or how much someone loved the company’s product.

If you feel that your own business needs some praise, then start posting a comment yourself on these websites. Point out anything that you liked about the product or the person running the website.

The more negative comments you read, the easier it will be to ignore them as fake talk. People say bad things about businesses all the time, so never take any remark too seriously.

Interact with buyers via social media

Another way to boost your sales is to interact with customers on different social media platforms.

Businesses use social media to communicate with potential clients, so why not use

Provide better customer service


Recent developments in online reviews have focused more attention on how to maximize positive ratings for your business or product. While some may call this “fake” or “no-good” reviews, they can actually do you more harm than good!

In fact, recent studies show that 94% of consumers read no review statements at all before making their buying decision. Only 6% made an informed choice based on what they read.1

So why worry about getting lots of glowing comments if most people don’t even look at them? By avoiding negative reviews, you’re limiting the chances that future customers will negatively comment and influence others.

But providing excellent customer service is one of the best ways to increase your business’s reputation. And while it sounds like a cliché, it’s true – treat every person with respect and you’ll earn many loyal followers.

What are we talking about? Let us give you some examples…

* Did you know that nearly half (46%) of smartphone users check reviews prior to downloading an app?2 With so much reliance on word-of-mouth marketing, having great reviews can be crucial in promoting your company.

By responding to complaints and answering questions, you demonstrate that your business cares about its clients and wants to fix any issues. This builds trust in your brand and boosts referral traffic and sales!

Provide a 24-hour toll free number that shoppers can use to contact you directly with concerns or requests. Many companies leave out

Answer customer reviews


One of your best strategies for increasing your overall review count is to leave comments on other people’s reviews. Why not feel good about some positive feedback you received from another user, even if you don’t agree with it?

By leaving a comment, you increase your own review tally by one. It’s hard to believe that an easy way to boost your popularity could exist, but it does!

This isn’t only appropriate for negative reviews, either. You can also leave a nice message under a glowing review or compliment of something you purchased from Amazon, eBay, or anywhere else.

The more positive testimonials and comments you have online, the higher chance people will look you up when they need help buying a product or searching for information.

And while no one ever wants to see a bad review, there are ways to contribute without giving in to negativity. Simply add a sentence or two to explain why the review didn’t sit well with you and what improvements you would like to see next time.

That brings us back to our first tip: never attack someone else’s review, even if you think it is wrong. Help others by adding an explanation as to why it doesn’t hold water.

Another option is to simply ignore the review. If you feel strongly about something then go into detail as to why, but mostly just choose to move on.

Neither of these is ideal

Tell your friends about the business

One of the most important ways to gain exposure for your business is by encouraging others to leave a review. By doing this, it creates an interactive way to spread word of mouth marketing that can have major impacts on your business.

By leaving reviews yourself, you take some pressure off of asking people to do so for you. But more importantly, you showcase for potential customers how well run your business is and what great products and services you have.

This is especially true if you are in the market for something from your business, such as a product or service!

By leaving a review, you also give other users information on whether the business has good or bad quality goods or services. This helps ensure they will buy from you instead of another seller who may not be as reputable.

Google even gives you the opportunity to rate your experience with the business, which only benefits them!

Pay attention to customer reviews


It’s easy to forget that your business has a reputation online, what people say about you is very important. Positive comments make your company look good, while negative ones can have an effect on how well you do business.

By now, you probably realize that leaving bad reviews will hurt your business. But making positive remarks is just as valuable for your company!

Google and other search engines use these reviews to determine the quality of your service or product. The more positive reviews you have, the higher your overall rating!

It’s worth noting here that even if most reviewers are not happy with your services, that does not mean it cannot be fixed. Sometimes there may be one or two reasons why things did not work out for them, but also because they never received their goods/services.

There could be something wrong with the way you ran your business, or maybe they were simply not interested in what you had to offer. No matter what, keeping off social media sites like Facebook and Yelp is always best when trying to fix poor ratings.

Another tip is to respond to all negative feedback. If someone took time to tell you how poorly your services failed them, then take the time to understand why and address any issues you can.

But remember, no matter what you do, don’t get personal. Keep it professional, and remain calm and levelheaded.

Link your business to social media


One of the first things people will do when looking at your online presence is check out your reviews. If you have enough positive reviews, it may even convince some potential customers that you are the better option over competitors!

By having lots of great reviews, you give yourself a leg up in the competition. Potential clients can look at the comments and determine if they should spend their money with you or not!

Google and other review sites offer tools for you to respond or reply to each comment. This helps keep the conversation organized and gives you the chance to tell your side of the story.

You should never attack another person’s character, but you can be honest about the reasons for changes and why someone would get a bad service from you.

Be careful how aggressively you touch on topics like this, as well. You don’t want to come off as just trying to win an argument.

Use Google Maps


One of your best chances to increase your reviews is by simply using Google maps. By adding your business as an owner or reviewer, you can invite people to leave comments and/or review copies of the product or service you are advertising.

By doing this, they will have to go through Google to write their comment, which will boost the visibility of your business!

This is very helpful for two reasons. First, it creates more exposure for you and your business, making it easier to find customers. Second, it helps other businesses locate your company easily, giving them information about who you are and what services you offer.

Google gives you the option to keep your name and phone number private, if you would like to do so. You can also opt to be anonymous or use our unique “We Create Spaces” service where we create an account for you that contains all of your personal details we can get from public sources. We make sure to only publish this data under your control.

Use Google My Business


The next way to increase your reviews is by using Google My Business. You can use this tool to add or remove ratings for your business, as well as leave comments.

By adding comments, you can ask people to give feedback or talk about how good of an experience they had at your business.

Google gives you the option to moderate these comments, which helps prevent spam.

To gain more reviews, start asking around. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to get exposure. If someone has enjoyed your services, have them take a few minutes to write up a review.

This can be done through Yelp, Facebook, or anywhere else where people share information.

Make sure your website is updated


It’s very hard to gain reviews for your business on review sites like Yelp, Zomato or Google when there are no reviews already!

Google makes it super easy to leave a rating by using their “Give us feedback” tool. By adding your service or product through this tool, then leaving a comment about it, will automatically create a review for you.

By making an effort to add ratings yourself, they may not be left for you. So, how do you increase these numbers?

Making changes to the way you run your business can help you gain more positive reviews. This article will tell you some ways to achieve that. Read on to find out what we covered so far!